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Inlinearts is the culmination of two distinct thoughts,to be in line with the needs of our clients and to creatively draw people to good ideas. As founder and Chief Creative Officer, Trisch Lorren brings over 20 years experience in art direction, design and creative production to every project. In todays world finding a balance between creative production and project management is essential for success. Trisch has found a balance between production and project management. Working as the go-to-person for clients who want a creative manager they can count on she turns complex, dull and boring into concise, easy to understand visual content for engagement.

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What is the great content? It’s any content that is saved and ultimately shared with other people. Today people want information that is concise and engaging. This is where an animated video win hands down. Animated videos are the best way to explain complex ideas in a short amount of time and they use the power of storytelling to increase awareness and improve results.


What people say

“The task was formidable to take 2.5 years of software development effort, then summarize our value and purpose into less than 2 minutes… We are very pleased to report that the outcome has exceeded our efforts in the form of awards and recognitiion… We recommend Trisch and the InLineArts team and plan to use them for future animation projects”

Otto Krauth - Founder, RDANA Technology

“Trisch is a very creative designer who we could count for “getting it” when it came to the needs of our television station or our clients. We counted on her to be the difference in what we could offer and she always came through for us big time.”

Brad Phillips - General Manager, Corus Entertainment

“Trisch is a pleasure to work with. We worked together at City TV in Vancouver where she brought her incredibly insight, artistic background and communication skills to every project. Trisch is decisive and knowledgeable, with strong leadership skills that make collaborating easy. She is a talented asset to any company or client.”

Chris Bedyk - Owner, Perspective Films Inc.

“Trisch is a very creative and intelligent person. Her work was always completed to the highest standards with attention to detail and timelines. Her creativity and ability to suggest innovative ideas was an asset to her team, the company and our clients.”

John Voiles - VP / GM National Sales Vancouver, Bell Media

“Trisch provides people with animated videos that are fun and capture people’s imagination. She is great at pulling together all the pieces need to magnetize clients to their site and offerings.”

Carla Rieger - Author / Speaker / Coach -

Turn your ideas into reality



This is where we spend the necessary time to craft a story around your product or service so that it will directly engage your audience. We dig deep to understand and research your topic, the relevance it has to your viewer, and how we can best serve your needs.


The script essentially serves as the blueprint for your project. This is where we determine the storytelling techniques to use, the style of voice, and visual effects that will best complement your story. Then we blend them all together to come up with a script that is uniquely yours. Think of it as the A, B, C’s of your video – the backbone, the foundation, the basis for success.


How a message is delivered, determines how effectively it will attract and engage the attention of viewers. We define the context and then decide whether to hire a professional or use another creative solution. A well crafted voice over is like putting on a pair of comfortable shoes, when the fit is right you can feel it and so will your viewers.


An artist makes many sketches before committing to canvas. We take this same approach when creating your video. Frame by frame the storyboard sets out the when, where, how and why of the action. This structure develops the order and cohesion needed to illustrate and explain your idea. Think of it as the itinerary or agenda for your project.


Once the background work is complete, its time to start animating! Our process will guide you every step of the way from discovery through to final completion. This is where we excel and our passion will shine through in your finished product. Making your vision come alive is what we love to do.

What’s Next

Having a great video that illustrates your vision is just the beginning what happens next is just as important. Wondering how to showcase your video in the best possible way? Don’t hesitate to ask because your success is our success too.                         

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